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Salem Real Estate Law Attorneys

A real estate attorney is an essential part of any real estate transaction, whether a purchase, sale or lease. Casey & Lundregan, P.C., is a modern law firm, up to date on the needs of contemporary North Shore buyers and sellers. We advise our clients through each stage of a purchase or sale. We represent individuals as well as businesses.

You can be confident that your real estate transaction is being monitored and guided by an attorney with years of experience in the real estate field. Contact Casey & Lundregan, P.C., when you need a real estate attorney. You can reach our office at 978-224-8893.

We Can Assist With Any Purchase, Sale Or Lease Plan

Those buying, selling or leasing property often need legal help. For instance, there is contract paperwork to prepare, a sales agreement to work through and title requirements that go along with the drafting of deeds.

Our experienced attorneys are an invaluable resource to guide and advise you through what, for an inexperienced client, can be a complex transaction.

Disputes between buyers, sellers and financiers are also common. When a conflict erupts, you should have an experienced attorney representing your interests. Your lawyer will ensure that the details get handled, and the closing is concluded without additional complications or expense.

Ways Our Lawyers Prove Essential

It is important to have sound legal advice throughout any real estate transaction, whether it involves selling a house, purchasing an investment property or other commercial and residential real estate transactions. Here are some ways we assist our clients:

  • We go over the contract and financial details and advise you of your best course of action.
  • We answer questions regarding the tax implications of any sale or purchase.
  • We inform you of estate planning options that may tie into your long-term financial plan.

Our Salem-based real estate law attorneys will work to close your real estate transaction efficiently. We have a proven track record of keeping clients informed throughout the process. Contact Casey & Lundregan, P.C., at 978-224-8893.