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Let Casey & Lundregan, P.C., Help You Properly Draft Your Wills And Trusts

The lawyers of Casey & Lundregan, P.C., can provide you with the legal tools you need to ensure that your future is properly planned. When planning your estate becomes inevitably complicated, our lawyers can guide you through the entire planning process of your wills and trusts. Our team has been helping Massachusetts residents prepare for the future for over three generations.

Protect Your Legacy With A Trust You Can Trust

Establishing a trust is a natural safety measure that you can take to help meet the many goals you might have with your money. Whether you are looking to secure your retirement funds, avoid estate taxes upon your death, or even properly distribute funds between designated beneficiaries, we can help. By assigning this method of maintaining control over your assets, you can rest easier knowing that you have accounted for your future.

Make Sure Your Will Plans For Every Contingency

A will is more than a simple document that decides who gets what after your passing. In addition to planning who receives your assets, a will can also determine who will act as a caretaker for your children, allowing you to set instructions for your child’s care in the event of both parents passing.

Far too many people fail to create even a simple will to account for their passing. If you have loved ones who need to be cared for after your death or have assets you’d like distributed to specific people, then you need a will or trust in place. Our attorneys can help account for all the important details of your estate documents.

Get The Guidance You Need For Your Future

It is never too early to plan for your future, and we at Casey & Lundregan, P.C., can help you plan for it. If you are in the Salem area, you can contact us for a free consultation by calling 978-224-8893 or toll-free at 800-785-3588 today.