A parent is more than a person who raises their child. A parent is an expert in sacrifice and a master of organization. A parent is a committed optimist who believes that the future can be better for their child than the past was for them. A parent is an advocate, a fighter, and a friend. All throughout Massachusetts, parents are pushing their limits to ensure that life is good for their families.

Over time, children become more self-sufficient and motivated by their own interests. While they may leave their parents’ home, they will always be connected to the men and women who raised them. In time they may become parents themselves and turn to their aging mothers and fathers for advice.

Time forces families to recognize the shifts and balances of care that each member must provide to the others. As parents age, children may have to step in and help plan for what may be difficult and often expensive options for long-term and out-of-home care. As age increases, medical costs and needs may also increase for elders and younger generations may be unsure of how to address the rising costs of keeping their parents safe and well.

Planning for later-in-life and end-of-life are important legal matters that all families should address while members are able to communicate their preferences and expectations. From estate planning and trusts to long-term care and Medicaid, families can help each other by being open and honest about what the future may hold as they age.

The issues addressed in this post fall into the legal realm of elder law, a unique but broad set of rules and considerations that can complicate the futures of many. In order to work out necessary elder law, Medicaid, and estate planning concerns, readers are encouraged to speak with their trusted elder law attorneys.