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What are the top reasons to challenge a will?

Although it may not be something you want to do, there could come a point when you realize that you need to challenge a will. This is a complex process full of twists and turns, but if you have reason to believe that it's the best decision, it's important to move forward.

How do I avoid common titling pitfalls with wills and trusts?

Do you know whether your trusts are properly funded? For many Massachusetts residents, wills and trusts make up a significant part of their existing estate plan -- but trusts that are not properly structured can cause more headaches than they are worth. Experts say that even the most expertly drafted trusts can cause problems for beneficiaries if the trusts are not funded appropriately during the benefactor's lifetime. Here's how to avoid those pitfalls.

Why should I create a will?

A will is an incredibly important document for people who have full-time jobs, no matter their age. It becomes an even more important document when you get married, have children, acquire property and more. Wills can be edited to reflect major life changes, so don't get worried that your first will is the final word. So, why should I create a will?

Charitable wills and trusts help you support non-profit efforts

Did you know that you do not have to be a millionaire to set up an estate plan to benefit your favorite charity? Many Massachusetts residents set up wills and trusts to accommodate the causes they most value -- and most of the donors are not independently wealthy. How can charitable trust provide your favorite organization with the financial resources you want to distribute?

Understanding living and testamentary trusts in Massachusetts

Do you know the difference between a testamentary and a living trust (inter vivos trust), and how those tools can be used to benefit your estate plan? When it comes to creating and managing wills and trusts in Massachusetts, finding the right structure for your personal assets is absolutely critical. Today, we explore the difference between these two important instruments, allowing you to start making the right decision for your financial future.

Many Americans don't have a living trust or will

A new study put out by found that most Americans either don't have a will or trust or haven't done enough to fully complete the process of getting a will or estate. About 58 percent of respondents to the survey said they did not have a will or trust in place. The number was even higher for people who have children under the age of 18, which is surprising. About 64 percent of respondents who had children under 18 didn't have a will or trust established.

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