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probate and estate litigation Archives

Massachusetts court rules against Yahoo

When a person passes on, they often leave a lot behind. While many details may be taken care of in an estate plan, others could slip through the cracks. This is even more so the case in today's day and age, with technology becoming such a big part of everyone's life.

Philip Seymour Hoffman made a huge estate planning error

Just because a person has a great deal of wealth does not mean that they understand how to handle it effectively or protect it in the event that they pass away. In the last couple of years, the deaths of several celebrities with large estates have shed light on just how dearly poor planning can cost one's heirs.

Family gets paid for Nazi-era looting, ending estate litigation

The Boston Museum of Fine Art has settled with the estate of the former owners of several rare porcelain figurines. The settlement marks the end of the probate and estate litigation surrounding the figurines, which were reportedly stolen from a Jewish family in Nazi-era Germany. The works were apparently stolen during the era of Nazi persecution, and the rightful owners demanded to be paid for the looted items.

Keep family from squabbling over probate and estate litigation

We have all heard the stories about nasty family fights that involve a family member's estate. Did you know that you can use specific probate and estate litigation strategies to keep your family members from squabbling over your property? An attorney can help you develop a clear picture of your estate holdings, allowing you to effectively communicate your wishes in a way that does not invite discussion. Let's talk about how it is done.

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