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April 2017 Archives

Why should I create a will?

A will is an incredibly important document for people who have full-time jobs, no matter their age. It becomes an even more important document when you get married, have children, acquire property and more. Wills can be edited to reflect major life changes, so don't get worried that your first will is the final word. So, why should I create a will?

Give yourself peace of mind by avoiding estate planning missteps

Did you know that our legal firm can help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that can prevent your loved ones from getting their fair share of your estate when you die? Estate planning may sound simple enough - all you need is a will, right? Not so fast. The truth is that estate planning requires careful consideration of elements such as the inheritance tax, the value of your estate, and the identification of an executor. You can avoid some common mistakes with the help of our top-notch estate planning team.

Keep family from squabbling over probate and estate litigation

We have all heard the stories about nasty family fights that involve a family member's estate. Did you know that you can use specific probate and estate litigation strategies to keep your family members from squabbling over your property? An attorney can help you develop a clear picture of your estate holdings, allowing you to effectively communicate your wishes in a way that does not invite discussion. Let's talk about how it is done.

Charitable wills and trusts help you support non-profit efforts

Did you know that you do not have to be a millionaire to set up an estate plan to benefit your favorite charity? Many Massachusetts residents set up wills and trusts to accommodate the causes they most value -- and most of the donors are not independently wealthy. How can charitable trust provide your favorite organization with the financial resources you want to distribute?

3 tips for estate planning the right way

Everyone ages, everyone gets older, and eventually, everyone has to prepare for the inevitable. To protect yourself, your assets and your beneficiaries, you must draw up an estate plan. This plan is an outline of who gets what, and it also details things that you want to happen when you are incapacitated or pass away. Here are a few tips for planning your estate the right way, so you can rest easy knowing it's in place. 

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