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March 2017 Archives

Agricultural land next target for estate planning reform

Creating the right estate plan for a business is never really easy - identifying the right succession plan and allocation of assets requires careful thought and consideration. This is particularly true for Massachusetts farming families, who have been consistently threatened with losing land because of estate planning requirements in the state. Now, legislators are working to address some of the tax issues that have pressured family farms into increase financial strain during the past several decades.

What does a health care proxy mean for my capacity?

All end-of-life care documents are the same, right? Well, when you are talking about probate and estate litigation matters in Massachusetts, the rules can become a little blurred. The fact is that you need specific documents to meet specific requirements - you cannot simply pass off a power of attorney as a living will, for instance. That is why it is so important to maintain a great relationship with your legal professionals, who can help you learn more about the tools you need for your health and asset protection.

How recently have you updated your last will and estate plan?

Far too many Americans do not have a last will, a trust or a secure estate plan in place for when they die. In fact, according to a recent study, as many as 58 percent of Americans don't have a last will, living trust or estate plan. Without at least one of these in place, an accident or sudden illness could throw your assets into probate court or worse: into the possession of the government instead of your intended heirs.

Why Millennials need to start thinking about estate planning

You are a young person with your whole future ahead of you - but is it time to think about getting your will together? Estate planning may seem like something for the old folks, but the fact is that many Millennials are entering their 30s and need to start thinking about their family members' welfare. Making sure that your beneficiaries are in order - and that your estate plan is airtight - can provide you with the peace of mind you need to prepare your relatives for the future.

From Sinatra to Prince: how stars left their estates in disarray

Prince, Frank Sinatra Jr., José Fernández, Tom Clancy. In addition to being globally famous at the time of their deaths, the four stars have something else in common: each left their multi-million dollar estates in chaos.

Understanding living and testamentary trusts in Massachusetts

Do you know the difference between a testamentary and a living trust (inter vivos trust), and how those tools can be used to benefit your estate plan? When it comes to creating and managing wills and trusts in Massachusetts, finding the right structure for your personal assets is absolutely critical. Today, we explore the difference between these two important instruments, allowing you to start making the right decision for your financial future.

Many Americans don't have a living trust or will

A new study put out by found that most Americans either don't have a will or trust or haven't done enough to fully complete the process of getting a will or estate. About 58 percent of respondents to the survey said they did not have a will or trust in place. The number was even higher for people who have children under the age of 18, which is surprising. About 64 percent of respondents who had children under 18 didn't have a will or trust established.

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